JACKIE CHAN Film and Media School is the only international professional media industry-led institute in China, that the famous star Mr.Jackie Chan has opened. Mr. Jackie Chan is Dean of the institute and will be personally taking part in the graduation and diploma ceremo-nies of the students, including signinig the student's diplomas. The institute prides itself on having a high technological standard with a modern culture. The school is not be beaten in the professional plat-form and in international field of the Acting, Animation, and Digital Media Art— and many other multidisciplinary majors that are culturally focused. The institute counts on 800 students, 30 professors and is in the process of mounting a team of international teachers. Pres-ently, those hired so far are: FENG Xiaogang, ZHANG Guoli, XU Fan, LI Bingbing, WANG Guoqiang, XU Junguo, SUN Guozhen, CAO Xiaohui, YUANXiaofang and other famous film directors, film celebrities, professorswho are experts in their field all teaching arts at the institute.


A specialized computing class was constructed, as well as a profession-al animation studio, interactive digital laboratories, professionalstudios, physical training venue, a television campus station, as wellas a number of specialized laboratory centers. There have also been film and television companies that have partnered together to foreseestudent internships, as well as to respond to the learning and teaching demands, including to the research projects of teachers and students. In 2014, the institute succeeded in introducing, at the provincial level, training projects for the emerging industry talents.