Art and Design offers training in Visual Communication Design, Clothing and apparel Design, Products Design, and Advertising, four specialties at the Bachelor’s level. The institute recruits, at the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, at the University of Wuhan, at the Hubei University of Technology, professors who are experts in these fields, as academic leaders to assist with the development of the majors as well as personal training. The institute has available at its disposal 49 full-time teachers, 7 professors and associates,35 lecturers, 28 external teachers of which 11 are professors and associates,all giving it an already balanced structure by proposing a high level of teaching with a distinguishable team.


The institute gives its best to reinforce and build a practical teaching environment, by staffing excellent material, with specialized and modern studios, specialized laboratories, computer science training, multimedia classrooms, design studios-all in total 48. More and more, classrooms outside of campus are available as well as research facilities for the studies.


There have also been a number of long term partnerships signed to facilitate the needs of theoretical and practical teaching-all is being done to increase the quality of teaching. The institute is equally focused on reinforcing teaching along with research, viewing the university’s research exchanges and promotion of education and better improvement to the skill development. For the last years, the institute has been approved for two research projects at the provincial level, 11 niversity research projects and 6 high level programs. The instructors have published 164 articles, 42 monographies, 127 awarded research teachers, as well as 300 teacher-tutors have been awarded.