Environmental Design School distinguishes itself in its teachings of Environmental Design, Landscape Architecture and Garden, these three routes to take within the Bachelor’s degree. The institute has available 73 full-time instructors, of which 10 are professors, 14 associate professors, 37 lecturers, 12 assistants. More than 97% of the teaching staff has a higher level of study reaching at least a Masters’ degree. The institute posses 5000㎡ of office and classroom space, as well as: for the student’s disposal a studio or study and creative areas for the various disciplines, a versatile architectural design, environmental engineering, urban planning, decorative architecture, software technology, modeling, etc., There are also 12 outside of campus permanent studios for the students to carry out their intern ships. The school has 2308 students and during the last years their diplomas have acquired overall high standards and an exceptional practice that have attracted the attention of prospective employers. There have been 15 theses that have obtained high standard results at the provincial level. A number of students succeeded in passing their exams to enter the Masters’ program in Chinese and foreign universities, resulting in 2014 and 2015 in landscaping majors, architectural landscaping, respectively 27 of the 35 admitted students at the Masters’ level comprise of the University of Birmingham and some from the “211” project.


During these past years, the spirit of innovation and their hands on in the students and their practice have constantly improved and have obtained positive results in different national and provincial competitions. In 2009,the institute won at the Exposition of Art and Design of Independent Institutes in Hubei twice the first prize award, a second prize award and three times the third prize award. In 2010, the institute won the prize for best individual performance at the 2nd National University Design Contest. In 2011, it won the award for excellence at the 11th Environmental Art and Design Session. Finally, in 2014 the institute won a bronze medal for the category of “young designer” at the Environmental Art Expo.