Food and Biological Engineering School relies on the teaching of mainstream disciplines and the institutional quality resources of the University of Agriculture of Huazhong. It has the Food Science and Engineering, Food Quality and Safety, and Biotechnology, that are three programs of Bachelor’s degree. There have been 43 teachers, 30 of which are full-time teachers, witha 90% coming from an excellent level of teaching. 96.5% of the instructors have a level higher or equal to a Masters’ degree. There are consequently 22 training centers, biotechnology and food laboratories and other outside of campus internship centers.


The institute has now a “key” major at the provincial level(in teaching), a strategic project and training stage for thepersonnel of the industry at the provincial level, as well as a “professional global reform” projects. There are 5 educational provincial reforms, 5 university pedagogy reform projects, 7 quality teaching projects, 2 provincial level research projects, 5 university research projects, 1 entreprise sponsored research project and 9 internship programs in technological and scientific innovations at the national and provincial level. There are actually 1278 students at the institute; these students during the last years have developed four patent models, an innovation patent, and published 4 theses. They have brought home at the national and provincial level, 22 first place prizes, second and third place prizes at the English Competition for College Students. They have also won 38 times prizes at the national , provincial or regional Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 8 times the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes at the province of Hubei competition, in experimental Biology. There have been 19 theses that have been awarded at the provincial level for their excellence. More than 90% of the graduates find work after their studies and 20.8% pass their Masters’ degree program entry exam.