Business School was founded in 2008 and teaches Trade and International Economy, Marketing, Management of Human Resources, Logistics, Business English and these five License majors, primarily for the economic development needs but also for the talents who have skills of having a global strategy and a pioneering market spirit, an ability for creation and a certain management responsibility regarding the company.


The institute counts on 70 full-time teachers that have obtained their diplomas from top national and international universities all with a minimum Masters’ degree, counting on 8 professors, 15 associate professors and 40 intermediate level professors. The institute puts the emphasis on practical teaching and the student’s skills development. There are special international laboratories constructed for, trade, administration affairs and business English affairs etc. The main focus of the instruction is oriented toward business training through the internships available outside ofcampus for the students to learn. The institute has established partnerships with large corporations to offer the students internships and practical courses. The innovation of these afterschool trainings is to activate “the promotion of competition to promote training ”, as to allow the students a forum of diverse academic competition and practical extracurricular technological innovation. The quality of the personnel training is largely recognized by the various circles of society, because in 2014 a total of 105 talents, in the scientific and technological field, obtained national and provincial awards in view of their practical and academic know-how.