Information Engineering School has training in the Computer Science and Technology, as well as Software Engineering with a total of 496 students. There are presently 25 full-time instructors of which 17 are external engineers, 6 professors and 9 are associate professors. The institute’s main objective is to shape the skills by instilling practical innovation abilities, that which is at the heart of the training and putting the focus on the quality of the instruction. The institute has at its disposal key majors such as: Software Development, Mobile Telephony, Embedded Systems and other specialties. A practical teaching system is already in place. The institute already has in place a complete learning system in developing businesses, School-Business, to better develop the student’s instruction of how to do face-to-face business and meet the demands of the corporations.


During these last three years, the professors at the institute have presided over 3 instruction or scientific research projects. The students have participated in 2 training projects at the provincial level, on the innovation and entrepreneurial subject matter, and have obtained the copyrights for 1software. They have succeeded in winning 3 awards at the national level and 21 awards at the provincial level at the National Mathematical Modeling Contest, as well as other disciplines. Furthermore, first prize was won at, The International Mathematical Modeling American Student Contest in 2015.