Li Jingtao
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Research direction:
Position: Jackie Chan Movie and Media College Director of drama performance teaching and research section
He is a member of the Chinese peasants and Workers Democratic Party, a member of Hubei Dramatist Association, a member of Wuhan Dramatist Association, and an examiner of Hubei art joint examination.

Since 2007, he has been involved in teaching, directing and acting in a number of films, TV and advertising films, such as oppo mobile phone, Blackberry mobile phone series advertising, driving Xiangzi on behalf of others, vowing not to bow his head, refusing banquet, wind maker, crazy maker, black plan, forensic doctor Qin Ming 2-scavenger, miscarriage of justice, etc. Nearly 300 stage plays of various types, such as sketches, clips, one act plays and large-scale plays, have been independently directed and rehearsed.

In 2008, Li Bonan's drama "how much love can be fooled" was successfully performed in Hubei Provincial Cultural Center;

In 2009, he edited, directed and rehearsed the original drama the man who can't walk out;

In 2012, he was the chief director of language programs in the 10th Anniversary Party of Wuhan Dongxin Hotel Management Co., Ltd;

In 2014, he participated in the creation and arrangement of the drama "soul of investigation" based on the life prototype of employees of survey engineering company of Zhongnan Electric Power Design Institute, which was performed in Hubei theater;

In 2015, he was the director and screenwriter of Huanxi group's children's meeting, and engaged in children's education drama research. His main work "the troubles of Abu in baby plan" has been performed in Wuhan 403 International Art Center, Wuhan creative world and Changjiang people's Art Theater for many times, and has been highly praised by the outside world;

In 2015, she rehearsed Agatha Christie's drama no one survived;

In August 2017, he participated in the series of online sitcom "crazy maker" which was directed and starred in;

In december2017, he participated in the "banana new writer dream program" and directed and starred in the micro film "black plan";

In February 2018, he participated in the online criminal investigation series "forensic doctor Qin Ming 2 - scavenger" invested and shot by Sohu Video and Boji film, and played the main role;

In August 2018, he participated in the independent creation and rehearsal of the historical stage drama "past and present through China model" in Wuhan East Lake International Conference Center, and broadcast it to the world on;

In June 2019, he participated in and directed the language programs of the first Huanggang Dabie Mountain International Tourism Expo in Hubei Province, and served as the chief director;

In June 2019, the production of popcorn by British dramatist Ben Eldon will be performed in 403 International Art Center. In many years of teaching, cultivate a large number of students, active in the province (city) drama troupe, universities, television (radio) and media companies.


In 2007, the original sketch "eternal love" rehearsed won the best editing award in the language works of the 8th Wuhan Art Festival; the micro film "driving Xiangzi" participated in the shooting won the best actor nomination award of 2011 Max future film season (Beijing);

In 2011, sister, the original work rehearsed in the National College Students' Art Festival, won the second prize and the title of best instructor;

In 2018, "new monument" won the award of excellent play performance in Hubei drama university performance held by Hubei Federation of literary and art circles and Hubei Provincial Department of education;

Original body drama "seven colored birds, fly" rehearsed in May 2019! 》Shortlisted for contemporary young artists (CACW) competition at Edinburgh Art Festival (Fringe Festival).

In 2016, he participated in the provincial scientific research project "creation and public performance of children's vanguard"; in 2019, he published his paper "current situation and development strategy of traditional film and television drama under the background of media transformation", which was included in the core journal "young journalists" of Peking University.